Our Services

At AIDAC our solutions are aimed at giving our clients value for money and satisfaction when doing business with us. AIDAC is a big data company and can handle any kind of data that our prospective client may have.


With this solution, we combine our experts’ advice and teamwork with your actuarial and financial department to solve pressing data analysis concerns to help your actuarial and finance departments in their reporting challenges.

All types of internal data are handled with this solution. This includes:

  • Exposures
  • Premium
  • Claim counts
  • Losses
  • Underwriting expenses
  • Unallocated loss adjustment expense (ULAE)
  • *Explanatory characteristics of policies or claims

Data quality and quantity is maintained during aggregation. At that time, data is aggregated in different varieties, depending, of course, on the analysis being done. When aggregating data, every effort is made to use the most current data and to be as cost effective as possible.

We aggregate by:

  • Calendar Year
  • Year Of Policy
  • Reporting Year
  • Type Of Business
  • Business Unit
  • Customized Aggregation As Requested By Client


This solution demands expert advice and teamwork on any problem relating to actuarial and financial database issues, data retrieval and spreadsheet design. Our data retrieval methods depend on the client in question. We can work in several ways, either by depending on your custom software to retrieve the data required or by working our way around your database to get the data needed. You will never incur additional cost for software purchase because we prefer to use your platform for all our work.

Some of the databases we mostly work with are policy, claims, underwriting expenses, third-party databases and many others.


This solution is about helping you assess any actuarial or financial related risk by assisting you in the design of great decision-making tools. With this solution, risks are assessed to the highest level and great models that predict the future outcome of each decision taken are designed to solve the problems. In all of these situations, we analyze your specifications and then determine what type of external tools we can use to supplement your internal software. We use your custom software for the work but we are also experts in using programs like:

  • TAS
  • AXIS
  • Microsoft Excel, Access, Power Point, Word
  • SAS
  • Tableau

NOTE: We are not a database administration service but we will work with your database administration unit to help the data flows from the system to your desktop.


Contact Us today in order to learn how to best leverage our expertise in order to drive your company to higher levels of core efficiency in your key mission; providing and delivering your all-important actuarial analysis to your clients.