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There are many kinds of staffing companies, but only a few require the kind of rigorous, disciplined and well-trained personnel in the actuarial and insurance industries AIDAC demands. That is why our experience in these industries allows us to insist that our personnel satisfies a level of professional screening and background checking unsurpassed in the industry.

Although our requirements are technically rigorous, we are smart enough to put human qualities and good potential employee relations first.From the first introduction to your temporary staffer, you will recognize the kind of courtesy, enthusiasm and responsive flexibility you would want in any full-time employee.
Our temporary staffers are quick studies and hired and trained for a special kind of temperamental suitability for fast-paced professional, technical workNo, we’re not police or fire personnel, but still provide a kind of first-responder service- someone filling in for a sudden illness, an explosion of new work or a special project that needs outside help
We cannot exhaustively present all aspects of the collective skillset of our staff but here are a few key elements: the actuarial technical expertise needed to support the different Actuarial Valuation Software like Arc Val, Prophet, TAS, MoSes, MG-ALFA and GGY-AXISFor instance, here are some of the professionals we can supply to help you fulfil your specialized objectives in your Risk Management Department: Data Analyst, Actuaries from Actuarial Analyst to Career ASA and Experienced FSA. Please contact if you need these or other actuarial or insurance-related staffers.
Ready when you are. Give us what you need and we will execute an immediate, customized search for your best staffing solutionYou call, we take action immediately to provide you with the kind of competent professionality your job requires
Yes, you require a special kind of meticulous, attention to detail… but fortunately there are professionals, the ones we seek out, that actually enjoy the challenge of fast-paced temporary technical work.But why strain your budget when AIDAC can customize our approach to fit the realities of your needs? We find you the best to do the best for your next sudden need for staffing.

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Our candidates are the key to our success and we strive to provide you with the best opportunities to accomplish your professional goals. Whether you are interested in temporary, contract, temp-to-hire, or direct hire jobs, we are ready to work for you! Our experienced staffing consultants will find the job that is right for you. We are here to help you succeed.


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